Writing is not just a craft.

Writing is an art that can be developed with encouragement, guidance, and skilled, quality coaching.

Roberta 1500

I am an award-winning author, filmmaker, magazine writer and editor. As an educator, I have taught writing at the post-secondary level for a decade and tutored high school students in English composition and comprehension. As well, I help Grade 12 students craft university entrance essays, which are key to acceptance at a top institution.

Tutoring online or in person, I help students understand assignment criteria, formulate clear and focused ideas and guide their research, leading to a final, polished product. Under my tutelage, students — high school or post-secondary — hone their critical thinking skills, learn how to structure essays and articles, improve their grammar, refine their writing style and learn the discipline of self-editing.

I also assist those who have aspirations to become professional writers, helping them develop their pitching skills and teaching them how to write feature articles for magazines or online publications. As well, I give instruction on how to edit other writers’ work, guiding them through the substantive editing, copyediting and proofreading stages.

“A word after a word after a word is power.” – Margaret Atwood

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