Student Testimonials

June 6, 2020

 “I have had very few teachers whom I value as much as Roberta Staley. While pushing through an intense two year program, she had a way of keeping her students’ head above water. She has a natural ease and passion about her that made her lectures fun, energetic and exciting. She was committed to seeing her students graduate with an applicative, rooted knowledge of the subject. After I graduated from the Professional Writing Diploma Program at Douglas College in 2011, Roberta went above and beyond. She was, and continues to be, a major support to me. Always quick to respond with advice, encouragement, resources and an eagerness to help in any way she can; even if that means adding more work to her plate. I strongly recommend Roberta as a teacher/tutor and mentor. She will prove to be a major asset in your studies, and ensure a sense of ease and confidence in the process.”

June 2, 2020

“From the first day in class with Roberta, I knew I would learn a great deal from her ample experience, direct teaching approach and charismatic personality. Little did I know how much; her class was one of the most formative of my entire education and has singlehandedly steered my career in a new direction. Roberta has gone above and beyond to mentor me along the way and is endlessly generous with her time and feedback. She is an extremely encouraging teacher, an inspiring writer and a wise and straightforward communicator. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance.”

May 18, 2020

I had the pleasant opportunity to be Roberta’s student. Her pedagogical technique is very valuable for any communication practitioner who aims to improve their writing style. As a non-native English speaker, I had some difficulties in some complex grammar structures and style but I found her knowledge and ample experience in the field very fruitful for my academic and professional development as a communicator. She perfectly knew how to guide me efficiently during my learning process.”

April 19, 2020

“As part of my ongoing communications studies, I was lucky to take a Magazine Feature Writing course with Roberta in the Print Futures program at Douglas College. What I learned during the course and from Roberta’s ongoing feedback has been incredibly valuable in my life as a freelance writer and communicator. We covered various aspects of writing and pitching features to magazines and periodicals and were exposed to the standards of editorial rigour expected from submissions to high quality print and web publications. It was a tough but thorough course, packed with valuable feedback on each assignment. The extensive list of skills I learned under Roberta’s supervision has been extremely valuable to me in crafting a freelance life. I’ve been able to draw on skills in interviewing, seeking out, crafting and pitching story ideas, and attention to editorial/proofreading detail in every copywriting and communications position since then.”

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