soul of south-africa by Roberta Staley

The Soul of South Africa - The Vancouver Sun

The township of Soweto was the heart of the anti-apartheid movement, when blacks fought racist white rule in South Africa. Today, despite rampant poverty and violence, Soweto has become a draw for adventurous tourists eager to rub up against the still-raw history of apartheid.

Excerpt: “Despite its lofty place in Soweto’s history, Kliptown is extremely poor; its squatter camps have no electricity and the energy for cooking and lighting comes from car batteries. At the entrance to one Kliptown squatter camp, Redelinghuys turns the tour over to Sipho Dladia and Tshepo Ndlovu, two young men who are forming a youth drama group. ‘Welcome,’ says Dladia with a beautiful smile, ‘to our beloved ghetto.’ ”

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